Geraldo Reports – My Plans

I’ve begun using Geraldo Reports in several current commercial jobs, and I’m finding that it’s not, well, exactly right for me.  But it’s so close.  I’ve forked it on Github:

You can, of course, track back to the original author’s project from there.  I’m just getting started on Github, but I’m liking it a lot.

What’s wrong with Geraldo?

First of all, it’s not being maintained.  It’s been 8 months since anything’s been done to it.  There are outstanding pull requests and issues, but there’s no sign that any of the needed work will ever be done.

Second, it’s a victim of premature abstraction.  It’s an excellent report generator, tied fairly tightly to Reportlab, but it also has all these added things… a plain text report generator and an XML exporter, for instance.  I can’t see any reason I’d ever want to use it to do an export… it’s like killing flies with a sledgehammer.

So I’ve started my own fork, as I’ve said.  I’ve applied the changes mentioned in the last three issues posted to the original project, and added a feature I needed for my production project.  It’s now possible to mark a group footer or the report summary to print on a new page by defining force_new_page_before (in the same way as the usual force_new_page variable).

As time goes on, I plan to strip out the features I don’t think “belong” in the package.  I don’t know when or if I’ll get to that part, though… despite feeling that they don’t belong, their presence doesn’t disturb me all that much.