More Changes and Changes of Plan

I’ve spent some time getting to know the innards of Geraldo, though I’ll admit I don’t understand the flow completely yet.  The Rule class I recently added (to allow me to draw a horizontal line with the right end at BAND_WIDTH) works well enough; I’d still like to make Line work with the “magic” BAND_WIDTH parameter, though.  I just can’t think of a clean way to do it.

I also looked over the forks.  Other than those changes I’ve applied manually (the ones previously mentioned, posted in the original repository’s issues), only joaoalf’s tree had any changes I thought I wanted.  So I merged them, and I’ll be testing the results for the next couple of weeks.

I haven’t done any cutting on the generators, etc. as I said I might.  I’m on the fence about cutting ties to the original work.