Can’t Login to Netflix on Roku

So I wanted to watch Netflix on my new Roku stick, and I found myself looking at this message:

There was an error processing your request.

Following that was a paragraph stating that my (actually, my wife’s) account could not be found.  I picked up my Samsung tablet and opened Netflix… same account, no problem.  Checked on the computer… still good.  What the heck?

Several minutes of frustration searching Google turned up nothing, until I dropped Roku from the search and found the following info on a Samsung Smart TV forum:

Open the Netflix app and use the arrow buttons on your remote in the following sequence: UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, UP, UP, UP.  It should take you to a menu.  Choose SIGN OUT and then sign back in again.

Surprise, surprise… this exact procedure worked on my Roku.  Same app, apparently.

7 thoughts on Can’t Login to Netflix on Roku

  1. I thought this was a joke referencing old Nintendo cheat codes or something but shockingly this worked… huge thanks for the fix!

  2. That worked for me, as well. Thank you!

    Old Nintendo cheat! I thought the exact same thing! LOL!

    See ya!

  3. This helped and worked great…..Thanks so much!!!!

  4. So, so helpful! Thank you!!

  5. Do I use my Roku remote

    • Yes, exactly.

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