Installing SuperSU on Remix OS 2.0

I’ve been playing with Remix OS on a six-year-old Intel-based computer lately.  It has 2 GB of RAM (right now, but I do intend to put a bit more in it) and a 320 GB hard drive, and I have to say I haven’t been this excited about an operating system in a long time.  It is limited, certainly, but it is beautiful.

So I wanted to tinker with the power management, but for that I needed root access.  I installed Remix OS in “writable /system” mode, and so with a quick Ctrl-Alt-F1 I’m looking at a root prompt… but apps can’t access root that way.  For that you need something like SuperSU, which I run on my rooted tablet.

I’ll admit right now, if there is a way to boot into recovery mode on Remix OS, I haven’t found it yet.  But it turns out that, by hacking on some procedures for rooting other Android devices, you can still make this work.

First, download the current stable SuperSU zip file from here:

Unzip it on your Remix OS device.  I just switched to the shell on the first VT and did it, but you can do it however you like.

From that first VT prompt, you’ll need to put the new su binary in place.  Assuming you unpacked the SuperSU file into a folder named SuperSU in the Downloads folder, you need to do this:

cd /system/xbin
mv su su.orig
cp /sdcard/Downloads/SuperSU/x64/su .
chmod 4751 su

NOTE that these instructions are for a 64 bit system.  For 32 bit, you need to substitute x86 for the x64 above see the EDIT section below.

Now switch back to the GUI (Ctrl-Alt-F7) and reboot the system.

Once the system has rebooted, open up your file manager and find the SuperSU folder (under Downloads, if you did it like I did).  Inside that folder you’ll find a folder named common, and inside that a file named Superuser.apk.  Double-click it to install.

After installing, start SuperSU.  It will tell you it needs to update; do that, and (with any luck) it will tell you it was successful, and that you should reboot again.  Do that, and again with any luck,  you are done!

Disclaimer:  This worked for me.  Your mileage may vary.

EDIT 6/9/2016 — I had trouble with apps that didn’t like the 64 bit RemixOS, so I scrubbed the system and installed the 32 bit version.  When I did, the instructions above did not work… the su binary doesn’t seem to be right for the system, but the su.pie file in the same x86 folder does.  So here are the updated commands to install on a 32 bit system:

cd /system/xbin
mv su su.orig
cp /sdcard/Downloads/SuperSU/x64/su.pie su
chmod 4751 su

6 thoughts on Installing SuperSU on Remix OS 2.0

  1. With this method is Remix OS installed or will it ask for resident or guest mode each time?

    • I think you’ve commented on the wrong post, Mark, but in answer to your question, if you do the installation the way I stated in my previous post, RemixOS boots directly from your hard drive.

  2. For some reason I was able to do it on USB setups but I can’t for the life of me get it to update on my Main desktop and I’ve reinstalled and reconfigured all kinds if things for the last week or so trying to get it to install and actually update.

    • Sorry it didn’t work for you, Nadeem. The procedure I posted works for me; if you need help, please post details about how you proceeded.

  3. does not work it keeps saying no such file or directory as i type the mv su su part even the exact way you said phoneix lates android 7.1 any help would be appreciated many thanks

    • I’m sorry, I can’t provide support for this. I made this post just to document how I solved the problem with Remix OS. No way I can work out your problem short of actually touching the device, and if that were possible I’d charge for doing so (as this is my business)

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