More updates to PollyReports

Made my first backwards-incompatible change today; instead of a right = … value in the Element initializer, I’m using align = … for a more general solution.  Before, your choices were right = 0 (the default) for left-aligned text, and right = 1 for right-aligned text.  But I needed something centered, and so I looked into the Reportlab docs and found drawCentredString(); to use it, I had to change the parameter, obviously.  While I was in there, I discovered drawAlignedString(), which is really cool, so I went ahead and added it to PollyReports also.

align may be set to “left” (the default), “right”, “center” (or “centre”, I’m not picky), or “align” to get any of these modes of alignment.

I guess that’s the only “real” change in version 1.4; it’s uploaded to PyPI and github, as usual.

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